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We started Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters in 1989.

Through the 90s we became one of the UK's most successful independent agencies, handling major blue chip clients such as Pizza Hut; BBC; Toshiba; UK Government (COI); The Walt Disney Company; and famously launching the previously unknown Daewoo cars.

During my 15 years before leaving for Asia, we produced way too much work to showcase here, so this is a tiny selection of some of my personal favourites.


The greatest artists in Europe.

Heading 2

The World Cup in Japan & Korea. Well it had to be anime...

Bring on the Superhumans

2002 Commonwealth Games 


We launched Daewoo from absolutely nothing.

Within a year it had the highest unprompted recall of any UK car manufacturer, and went on to become the most

successful car marque launch ever in the UK, as documented by the IPA.

Here is a very small selection from a huge library of work...

Daewoo 4X4.jpg
Daewoo Fridge Door.jpg
Daewoo Invisible Salesman.jpg

H.E.A. Anti-drugs

Rather than preach "don't do drugs' we decided to instead give kids information about what they do to your body, in a dramatic visual way.

This campaign was proven to have reduced drug usage amongst the target and became the first piece of Government business to win the coveted IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix.

Anti-Drugs Ecstacy Nightclub.jpg
Anti-Drugs Lipstick Mirror.jpg
Anti-Drugs LSD Watching TV.jpg

Pizza Hut

We made around 30 retail tvcs for Pizza Hut but this is my favourite.

Again, playing with the medium, this time, utilising the famous BBC 2 logo idents, on commercial television, which everyone said was impossible.

But you don't ask, you don't get, so we asked the then BBC Controller Michael Jackson (yes that's his real name) and he was more than happy to oblige, helping promote BBC whilst shifting plate-loads of pizzas.

Easy Jeans

In 1991 this tongue-in-cheek gender reversal was way ahead of it's time, when all jeans advertising was macho dominated. 

Sadly the best quality version I can find of this snapshot of time...

Walt Disney Corp

You don't make better films than Disney.

You just make their retail advertising more fun.

Disney Nemo Lost.jpg
Disney Lilo & Stitch Sign.jpg

D&A spectacles

They're just glasses. Or are they...

D&A Specs Bed1.jpg
D&A Specs Shower1.jpg
D&A Specs Rugby1.jpg

Independent Television Commission

We even pushed the boundaries of the censors themselves - the ITC were the TV Regulators for commercial programming and advertising. There were some uncomfortable meetings to get to this point:


I love a clean, simple press ad, and they don't get much simpler than this

MELITTA DPSfinala.jpg

New Musical Express

Our poster campaign for NME was purposely iconoclastic and redolent of illegal fly-posters



An early example of URL advertising

mothercare Volume Control.jpg
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